How it Works

  1. You contact me with your ideas

  2. We discuss timing & cost

  3. I provide rough sketches

  4. We agree on a design

  5. I paint your wall or canvas

  6. You live happily ever after! (ha ha wish I had that power...)

Maine marsh
Maine sunset with ducks
Bayou sunrise
Figure study
- Torpedo step 1.jpg
- Torpedo step 2.jpg
Neighborhood park

Wall Mural

Customize your space

Priced at $10 - $30 per square foot, depending on detail.

For example:

  • 50'sq wall silhouetted scene or cartoon (i.e. basic detail level) would cost $500.

  • Same wall with significant detail would cost $1,500.

We work together with sketches to determine scope, timing and price. When satisfied, you provide a down-payment. Murals that involve travel and outdoor murals require additional discussion.

Canvas Painting

Portable and Personalized

Priced at $100 per square foot, canvases provide the highest level of detail.

You define the subject: provide me with inspiration images, color preferences, size requirements -- and I will do the rest. I will provide sketches and updates as your painting progresses. 

Payment must be received before delivery. If you are outside the DC metro area, you will cover shipping costs.


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