Spooky Event Ideas

My daughter and I created a haunted yard for the strange 2019 COVID Halloween. We relied on items we found around the house, basic supplies like packing tape, wire and fishing line, and lots of webs. 
This all took time but not a lot of money. Do you need creative ideas for your next outdoor gathering? Drop a line!


Fall Festival Ideas

Using donated scraps of wood and inexpensive tins of paint, we were able to create large-scale visual elements for a school event. If you need something eye-catching for your next fundraiser, let us know.


Banners & T-shirts

Are you doing a lot of drive-by birthdays and other distanced celebrations?
A custom banner or t-shirt design creates a lasting memory.
Here are a few goofy designs we've created to make people in our lives feel special.
Banners were 2'x4', printed on vinyl and took approximately a week to design, print and ship.


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